World Health Organization: We’re Not Telling People to Stop Eating Bacon

Reducing your intake will reduce the risk of cancer, though. The internet lost its collective mind this week following the release of a World Health Organization report that declared red meat and processed meats — including that cultural zeitgeist, bacon — to be carcinogenic to humans. Now, however, The Independent reports the WHO is trying to ease the panic by insisting that... Read More


Brownies   500gr Chocolate (55% cocoa) 175gr nuts (optional) 250gr Butter 120gr Flour 250gr Eggs 275gr Sugar   Mixture no1 Butter Chocolate Mixture no2 Eggs Sugar Mixture no3 Flour Nuts   Melt the first mixture on a double boiler. Beat the second mixture until ingredients are merged and add to the first mixture (Be careful, first mixture mustn’t be too... Read More