300gr Pork strips

100ml Soy sauce

100ml water

80gr Brown sugar

100ml White wine (for better results use sake or mirin)

Corn flour

Oil for frying



Batter the pork into the corn flour and deep fry it in hot oil.  On the meantime put in a saucepan the soy sauce, water, sugar and wine and stir it until the sugar is melted. Put the cooked pork strips to the sauce and leave it for few minutes. The corn flour from the pork will help the sauce to take the right consistency.


Point to have in mind

  • Sake and Mirin are Japanese wines made out of rice
  • Instead of corn flour you can use flour but corn flour gives a crispier result
  • Don’t use salt if possible as soy sauce is already too salty
  • Don’t replace dark soy sauce with light soy sauce. Light soy sauce past from two fermentation and thus is more salty.

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